Using Technology without the Internet Workshops

Scheduled to start August 2016 at participating high schools. These workshops introduce Microsoft Office for High School, Personal use, Business, Research and College. Demonstrating how to write a resume using Word, how to create a business flier using Publisher, how to create art using Paint, how to create a presentation in PowerPoint, and more.

Certification in Excel

Take our Using Technology: Microsoft Excel Series and learn to be an expert at Excel. After passing the three upper level courses, you are qualified to take our certification exam. If you are a beginner, then we offer courses at the beginner and intermediate levels which start with software basics, formatting and general coding.


Course offered in Using Technology: Microsoft Excel Series

Beginners Course
Learn about software basics: the Ribbon, Tabs and Groups, basic formatting and commonly used commands, functions and key strokes.

Intermediate Course
Extend your basic understand to include formula groups and graphics.

Advanced Course
Includes projects to give hands on applications in coding and using the function libraries.

Personal Finance & Business
Create a monthly and long term budget, amortize a loan, among other projects.

Glean and clean data, simulate data, measure likelihoods, and perform statistical analysis.