Our research is data driven. We seek to turn data into information into knowledge. Connecting researcher with statisticians who can use the explanatory power of statistics to address world problems and create a better understanding of the world around us and help realize solutions to humanities struggles.

Modeling and Analysis

  • Statistical Analysis (Parametric and Non-Parametric)
  • Statistical Modeling (Univariate, Bivariate and Multivariate)
    • Determine the constant nature of a variable
    • Correlation Analysis
    • Principle Component Analysis
    • Standard Regression (SLR, MLR, and NLR)
    • Residual Analysis
    • Coding Categorical Variables
    • Logistic Regression (Logit and Probit)
    • Implicit Regression (Non-response Analysis and Rotational Analysis)
      New theories developed by Dr. Wooten
  • Time Series
  • Computerized Algorithms for Statistical Analysis
  • Survival Analysis
  • Markovian Analysis
Applied Research

Research Publications

Environmental Studies

  • Wooten, R. D., & Tsokos, C. P. (2008). Statistical analysis and modeling of lightning. Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computations, 16(1), 125-147.
  • Wooten, R. D., & Tsokos, C. P. (2008). A Markovian analysis of hurricane transitions. Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computations, 16(1), 1-16.
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  • Wooten, R. D. (2013). Statistical Analysis of Trends and the Relationship between Greenhouse Gases and Ozone. 2013 ASA/IMS Spring Research Conference (SPES), June 20-22, 2013, Los Angeles, CA
  • Wooten, R. D., & Tsokos, C. P. (2014). Problems of modelling and statistical analysis of tephra fallout for volcano Cerro Negro. Problems of Nonlinear Analysis in Engineering Systems, 2(40), 121-163 (English and Russian)

Health Sciences
  • Henderson ER, Groundland JS, Pala E, Dennis JA, Wooten R, Cheong D, Windhager R, Kotz RI, Mercuri M, Funovics PT, Hornicek FJ, Temple HT, Ruggieri P, Letson GD. (2011). Failure mode classification for tumor endoprostheses: retrospective review of five institutions and a literature review. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 93(5), 418-429. DOI: 10.2106/JBJS.J.00834.
  • Rehman, A. & Wooten, R. D. (submitted 2013). Time to Revisit Readmissions! The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

  • Wooten, R. D., Baah, K., DAndrea, J. (2015) Implicit Regression: Detecting Constants and Inverse Relationships with Bivariate Random Error, Cornell University Library, arXiv:1512.05307
  • Wooten, R. D., (2016) Introduction to Implicit Regression, Cornell University Library, arXiv:1602.00158
  • Wooten, R. D., (2016) Lattice Designs in Standard and Simple Implicit Multi-linear Regression, Cornell University Library, arXiv:1603.07895


Research Advisors
and Statistical Consulting and Analytics Network


  • Dr. Chris P. Tsokos, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics,University of South Florida


International Associations

  • International Federation of Nonlinear Analysis